Manchester Veggie Guide

Your guide to all things veggie in Manchester and beyond



Vegetarians do not eat anything that comes from slaughtered animals; this includes birds, fish, prawns, gelatine, calf rennet etc.

(Synonyms: Lacto-vegetarian/ovo-lacto-vegetarian.)


Vegans do not eat anything that comes from animals, i.e. the same as above but also avoiding eggs, dairy products and honey; also avoid wearing wool/leather and using animal-tested household products.

(Synoymns: Strict or Pure vegetarians/Herbivore.)


Omnivores are not vegan or vegetarian; includes people who say things like “I am a vegetarian but I eat fish/chicken/woodlice/badgers”.

(Synonyms: Meat-eater/non-vegetarian/Pescetarian/incorrectly “Carnivore”.)


Carnivores eat only the flesh of other creatures, captured alive or scavenged.  Humans can not live as carnivores.


Activities/products based on the exploitation of human or non-human animals e.g. “I was just in the food court at Selfridge’s – there were all kinds of noncery”.

Tiger saying 'I am a vegetarian but I eat humans'