Manchester Veggie Guide

Your guide to all things veggie in Manchester and beyond

Go Falafel (city centre)

Amazing new falafel and juice bar now open in Manchester city centre. Clean, really tasty, really good value. Friendly staff and healthy salads with your snack.


  • Falafel Wrap, medium, large
  • Falafel, 4 pcs
  • Falafel, 15 pcs
  • Salad Box
  • Hommous
  • Tabouleh

Real Fruit Juices, Pulped, Squeezed & Juiced

Solo Juices: Orange, Apple, Carrot, Mango

Fusion Juices:

  • Duo: Apple & Orange
  • Cleanser: Apple, Carrot & Lime
  • Breakfast Blend: Orange, Carrot & Lime
  • Ginger Zinger: Ginger & Carrot
  • Zing Time: Ginger, Apple & Lime
  • Simple: Orange & Carrot

There are more juice and smoothie flavours available than this, more than the Rusholme branch.

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