Manchester Veggie Guide

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The average British omnivore will eat 5 cows, 20 pigs, 29 sheep, 780 chickens, 46 turkeys, 18 ducks, 7 rabbits, 2 geese and several thousand sea creatures.  In the UK more than three million animals are killed every day for meat.  That’s an awful lot of cruelty and death!

It would be easy to fill a booklet this size with grim facts and figures about cruelty inflicted on animals by the meat trade.  That’s not our aim, but a few salient points will help us to remember the main reason for adopting a meat-free diet:

Animals plus killing equals meat

  • COWS: babies are taken from their mothers a few days after birth, males are usually killed.  1 in 4 dairy cows are pregnant when they are slaughtered aged 3-5; they should live to 30 or more.
  • CHICKENS: 1 in 5 boiled alive in scalding tanks. 80% of those killed for meat have broken bones, deformed feet and other diseases.  More than 100 million day-old male chicks are suffocated or crushed to death each year.
  • PIGS: nursing sows are usually confined inside metal stalls – unable to stand or interact with their children.  3 out of 4 piglets have their tails and teeth removed without anaesthetics.
  • TURKEYS: 1 in 4 live in chronic pain because of unnatural forced weight gain.  Most are factory-farmed and have their beaks or claws cut off.
  • DUCKS: Most are factory-farmed in crowded sheds, never swimming or seeing daylight.
Even free-range, organic meat is cruel by necessity: the animals never die willingly!