Manchester Veggie Guide

Your guide to all things veggie in Manchester and beyond


Foraging examples

Salad should be so much more than Lettuce, Tomato & Cucumber!  Use a good combination of greens, salad fruits (e.g. peppers, avocados, olives), seeds, nuts and beans to create filling balanced meals.  With salads, recipes are only ever suggestions – hence the rather vague ingredients lists on the following pages.  Becoming a salad wizard is about learning which flavours work best together.  Use a few really tasty ingredients sparingly -such as fresh Basil, Mint & Coriander, sun-dried Tomatoes, dry-roasted seeds and  Capers.



Don’t limit yourself to food shopping!  Germinate your own Alfalfa, Sunflowers, Mung beans, Chick peas, Quinoa etc.

Easily done with expensive specialist contraptions or a shallow dish and a warm window sill.


Excellent wild saladings include Ground Elder, Sorrel, Wild Garlic, Chickweed, Sweet Cicely, Lime, Dandelions and many, many more…

Various kinds of bean

Putting it together

Purple salad

→ Protein salad

→ Leafy green salad

→ 3 bean salad

→ Tzatziki


Ask large herbivores where do they get their protein?